Our commitment to you:

Our sea kayak trips not only take you to unforgettable scenery, but give you the chance to share quality moments with local people and experience truly unique moments with the best of Patagonia´s wildlife and natural wonders. Patagonia Explorers believes that each group deserves the best guidance possible. Professional naturalist guides are involved in each of our adventure sea kayak trips. Our self-sufficient sea kayak expedition and adventure sea kayak trips are suitable for all levels including beginners. Smaller groups leave fewer footprints! ...and also allow a more intimate outdoor experience and enjoyment of the silence of nature. The Península Valdes Nature Reserve has established group size restrictions. Patagonia Explorers strictly adheres to these restrictions.


Our commitment to the environment:

Patagonia Explorers applies strict Leave No Trace principles to promote maximum conservation of the ecosystems we observe. Highly specialized and experienced English speaking sea kayak and naturalist guides are in charge of all our expeditions. We have a strong emphasis on education and interpretation, and strong ties with local conservation, environmental and wildlife experts. We believe that promoting sea kayaking amongst Patagonia's outstanding ecological features, as a way of eco-tourism, is environmentally sustainable.

Patagonia Explorers is a family team whose lifestyle is closely intertwined with the outdoors, nature and adventure.
The Benegas Brothers (Damián, Guillermo and Sofía) came to the Península Valdes in the late 70´s and grew up on the shores of the San Jose Gulf.  Each day brought them new growth and development in the way their parents had so wished for them when they chose such an extraordinary place to raise their children. They explored the Peninsula in many different ways and each developed an inner capacity to observe wildlife, and love and respect nature.
The twins (Damián y Guillermo) inherited from their late father a passion for the mountains, which has pushed them to climb the world’s highest summits. Sofía found her life’s inspiration in the sea and the Península Valdes coast. Pablo Passera, partner of Patagonia Explorers and husband of Sofía, was taught emphatically from a very young age the importance of knowledge and respect for nature. He was raised in a number of nature reserves in the province of Chubut, which generated in him a strong desire to learn as well as grow alongside both nature and outdoor sports.

Today, all of these extraordinary life experiences have been translated into knowledge, commitment to the environment and professionalism in each of the activities that the Patagonia Explorers team practices. Mountain, Sea, Steppe, Coast, Nature, Adventure - all create a unique and perfect way to experience Patagonia.


Pablo Passera
Sea kayak and trekking Guide. Pablo regularly participates in varied sea kayak expeditions in both rivers, lakes and the Patagonian sea, and additionally kayaks for personal challenge and scouting. He is also a certified ski instructor and patroller. Pablo has completed studies as Professor of Physical Education, with a major in recreational and mountain activities. He regularly takes part in courses and workshops covering environmental education and nature interpretation. He has had the opportunity to travel to diverse locations within Argentinean and Chilean Patagonia and also to the Antarctic and Artic. He currently manages Patagonia Explorers with Sofia. He recently worked the 2008-09 winter season as a sea kayak guide in Southern Greenland where he completed several expeditions. He is certified as a Wilderness First Responder (WFR) and American Canoe Association (A.C.A) Instructor of Open Water Kayaking Level 4.


Sofía Benegas
Director and sea kayak guide of Patagonia Explorers; she participates in many expeditions exploring the coast of Patagonia together with Pablo Passera. Sofia is a PADI dive instructor, skipper and whale watching guide, and has dedicated 12 years to these activities in the Península Valdes, specializing in whale watching guidance alongside her older brother Rafael Benegas. She regularly works with wildlife documentary film crews such as National Geographic and the BBC, both as a support diver and guide. She has worked as a volunteer for several research projects involving the Southern Right Whale. She recently worked the 2008 winter season as a trekking and sea kayak guide in Southern Greenland. She is certified as a Wilderness First Responder (WFR) and American Canoe Association (A.C.A) Coastal Kayaking Level 3.


Damián and Guillermo Benegas
Each with more than 20 years of experience in mountaineering and the co-founders of Patagonian Brothers Expeditions - a company dedicated to leading and organizing high mountain expeditions, Damian and Guillermo contribute their experience and knowledge and actively participate in the growth of Patagonia Explorers. They are currently members of North Face Athlete Team.


Eloísa Berrier
Eloisa Berrier, was born in San Luis Province but grew up on the water, a little on the Rio de la Plata and a little on the Rio Parana. From an early age he devoted herself to explore and practice different water sports, kayaking was one of them. Her love for the sea led her to Patagonia 17 years ago to study Marine Biology, and there she found her way of life ... She fell in love with the coast of Patagonia, the biodiversity and the wild sea. Elo chose to pursue guiding kayak trips joining two pasions kayaking and share with other people their environment and their way ofenjoying life, alternating seasons as a guide in Patagonia and the Greenlandic Arctic. Truly enjoying her nomadic, wild and simple life. In full contact with nature and always near the sea…. Also enjoys yoga, breathing, meditation and simply contemplate in the beuty of the wilderness. Happy and grateful to guide their work with Patagonia Explorer works for years!


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