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Sea Kayak Trips in Peninsula Valdes, Patagonia. Whale Season.

Experience the Nature of Peninsula Valdes in Patagonia, kayaking in the waters of Golfo San Jose. Home of the highest population of Southern Right Whales, Sea lion Colonies, Magellan Penguins and much more wildlife.

Sea Kayak and Whales Peninsula Valdes

Our Expeditions are to contemplate, and learn about this area, trough the experience and knowledge of our guides. There is many topics to live in our trips, like wildlife behavior, geology of the area, archeology, interpretation if the marine platforms, just relax and stretch in our campsites, focus the sunset in this long horizons. And more...

Sea Kayak in Patagonia, Camp in Enchanted Bay

Sea kayak trip, Trekking from the camp to observe the Whales behavior.

Also the weather of this area is sunny, and dry, with clears skies full of starts, desolated beaches, and the winds of this latitud.

Trekking are also part of the trip to explore the area around the camp sites, to sea the wildlife from the shore, specially the whales coastal behavior.

All this experiences will make a truly adventure lo live with Patagonia Explorers Team

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