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About our Sea Kayaking Trips:

Our Sea kayak tours offer you access to coastal wilderness, and the chance to enjoy it in every way possible. You’ll experience enough challenge to ensure adventure, and visit one of the most beautiful places on earth whilst learning a new sport or indulging in a already discovered passion.

Be prepared for unexpected encounters with wildlife. Enjoy delicious food with an appetite inspired by fresh air and exercise. Share the pleasure of photography or bird watching, and best of all… relax, while we take care of the details.

We begin each of our trips with an orientation to sea kayaking followed by on-the-water safety considerations and basic paddling instruction. Our goal is to ensure you feel comfortable and safe when you get on the water. You'll soon handle your kayak with confidence, and you can expect to refine your techniques over the course of the trip, and also learn new skills and ideas throughout.

While our trips are not considered to be strenuous or physically demanding, and we do not require a high level of fitness, good general physical condition is necessary.

Our destinations are mainly for beginners and intermediate but we also have some routes for advanced kayakers.

In our trips, the true spirit of adventure and discovery is intermingled with learning and personal challenge, while we emphasize safety and offer instruction.

Living an experience, reflecting on it and then being able to apply it to our daily life is a gift that our participants never imagine they will receive from a simple trip.


Why go with us?

Patagonia Explorers believes in the best guiding possible. Professional naturalist guides are involved in each of our adventure sea kayak trips. Our self-sufficient sea kayak expeditions are always fully personalized. Smaller groups leave fewer footprints and can enjoy a more intimate outdoor experience along with the silence of nature.

Trip itineraries are designed to coincide with the greatest concentration of wildlife at the time, the most stable weather conditions and the best camp sites. Our unrivaled familiarity with the area is the result of personal experience over our entire lives living and exploring our beloved Patagonia.

Our aim is to make a difference not only in the trips we offer, but also to provide a highly       personalized service and our unique first hand knowledge.

We are an Argentinean local tour operator which means that we operate with our own resources: our own guides, vehicles, camping equipment, etc. This means we have direct quality control over our services and supplies.

What do we provide?

- Special rates for companies or operators

- Fixed departures as well as customized, private tours

- Qualified expedition guides with WFR and A.C.A certification

- Expert english speaking naturalist guides

- Our strong ties with local conservation an and environmental and wildlife experts

- Our emphasis on education, interpretation and discussion

- Lengthy experience working with North American clients

- Our proactive nature in the development and support of sustainable eco tourism in Patagonia


Our commitment to safety:

Patagonia Explorers has worked in coastal marine wilderness operating sea kayaking adventure programs for active adults and families. We are highly committed to safety, incorporating into our programs comprehensive risk management strategies and protocols.


About our equipment:

Double and single sea kayaks specially designed for touring. (Necky and SDK). Your trip will have a mixed fleet of single and double touring kayaks. Usually the choice is yours in terms of whether you paddle a single or a double (however we never guarantee the exclusive use of a single kayak due to safety or other logistical reasons)

- Kayaking equipment: paddles, life jackets, dry bags, waterproof jackets and neoprene skirts

- All group camping and cooking gear: North Face Tents (double occupancy), thermal sleeping mats

- MSR stove and gas stove, expedition tent

- Full Medical Kits / GPS / Satellite Phone / VHF radios / 4 x 4 Vehicle

- Ground transportation as mentioned in itineraries (daily flights from Buenos Aires to near by Trelew and Puerto Madryn allow for easy transfers).


Trip Meals:

If you love food, you will find that our expedition menus are designed to provide many delicious and varied meals!  Your guides skillfully prepare all your mouth-watering meals with menus developed by Patagonia Explorers. You'll burn plenty of calories so eating lots is mandatory! If you have special dietary requirements or food intolerances, please let us know at the time you are making your reservation.

Physical conditioning:

All kinds of people, with varying degrees of physical abilities, have been lured into the seat of a touring sea kayak. On average we spend four to six hours a day paddling, with stops for snacks, lunch and stretches. We plan our days to take advantage of wind and currents, but at times conditions can make paddling more challenging. Our trips are not strenuous, and to enjoy them you need only be healthy and have an appreciation of the outdoors, along with a sense of adventure. We are not able to determine if your own fitness level is appropriate. If you have any concerns, please contact us, and consult with your doctor prior to your trip.

Wildlife Viewing:

By engaging in responsible wildlife viewing we strive to avoid disrupting the natural life processes of the wild animals we encounter on our trips. We keep our knowledge of the flora and fauna current, through classes, lectures, and by active involvement in the protection of the environment. Binoculars are highly recommended for the best results in wildlife observation.

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